Thesis work - Quick Soak of Light Duty Vehicles

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Posting Date: Nov 30, 2022 Company: AVL MTC Motortestcenter AB Location: Haninge, SE Job ID: 34525

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Thesis work - Quick Soak of Light Duty Vehicles

When Light duty vehicles (passenger cars) are tested for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, a soak period is required between each test. During the soak, the vehicle is placed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for a set amount of time. The purpose of the soak is to guarantee that the cars have identical starting conditions with respect to temperature before each test. The duration of the soak period is 6 hours for most tests and the lab planning needs to be done around these soak times. For development testing, testing efficiency can be increased if the same effect can be achieved in a shorter time frame by performing a forced “quick soak”. However, care must be taken so that the quick soak results in the same starting conditions with regards to internal temperature in the engine and after treatment as the regular soak.


The goal of the thesis project is to reduce soak times from 6 hours to 1 hour with no loss in testing repeatability or quality. For this purpose, the thesis workers should develop, build and validate one or two rigs for quick soak of passenger cars and the method for using it.


  • First step is to understand the problem and the nature of vehicle testing
  • A brainstorming of suitable methods that can then be refined and cut down to one or two suggestions together with the team
  • Design of the quick soak equipment/rig
  • Ordering of parts
  • Build and adaptation of quick soak rig
  • Test and validation of quick soak rig and method development
  • Adaptations to rig and to methods as needed
  • Final validation
  • Output should be:
  • Quick soak guideline/handbook
  • One or two rigs for quick soaking of cars
  • Written report


The thesis work can be performed by a team of two persons or a single person. Suitable candidates are B.Sc. and M.Sc. students within mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering or nearby fields and an interest in powertrain development. You have practical skills and are driven and results oriented and fluent in Swedish and English.


Thesis work spring 2023

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