Bachelor Thesis - Implementing a Multi-node Power Mode Feature on a Small-scale Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Infotiv - Göteborg

Are you an engineering student who aim to conduct your bachelor or master thesis this coming spring? Do you have a profound interest in technology and are in the lookout for an exciting project where you have the possibility to combine both hardware and software development? Look no further, Infotiv might have the project just for you!


Today’s vehicles utilize several networked electronic control units (ECUs) to implement customer features. This complexity puts high demands on efficient control of the different ECUs power modes in order to reduce energy consumption.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate how energy consumption of a distributed ECU network can be minimized while ensuring sufficient availability of vehicle features. Also, the study shall Include an evaluation of testability throughout the development process. This may be done by:

  • Researching power mode strategies for a multi-ECU network
  • Selecting an appropriate way of determining the power consumption of the vehicle platform and provide proof of concept using a small-scale vehicle platform
  • Show how the power consumption of different ECUs has been optimized

Infotiv has developed a small-scale autonomous vehicle platform that can be used to demonstrate and build proof of concepts for vehicle features without the need for a full-scale development platform. This vehicle has several ECUs and sensors, including sonar, LIDAR, radar, and camera.


We are looking for 2 students with a background in data science, electrical or mechatronics engineering, or engineering physics who wish to conduct their thesis during the spring of 2022. Applicants shall have an interest in both hardware and software development and a desire to deepen their knowledge in embedded systems design. You shall have experience from programming languages such as C++ or Python, and have basic knowledge of communication protocols such as CAN and LIN.


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If you have any questions or would like to know more about this thesis proposal, contact:
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